Where To Look For Telecommunication Jobs?


In the economy that caters the today?s world it can be very difficult to search for jobs in the telecommunications sector even though it is a booming one. If you do not have time sufficient and looking forward to reliably to work in the telecommunications sector, then the telecommunications jobs can be difficult to fetch for you. The success stories come for finding the jobs in the small things like word of mouth publicity, skill building strategies applicable, and being open to work under any of the domain and ready to work in any line of a telecommunications business. You need to be really flexible in your line of work that suits you and you will reach far off places in telecommunications business.

Mouth to mouth publicity

Perhaps mouth to mouth publicity is the best one when it comes to referring someone for jobs. The first and the foremost step that is to be taken such that you should literally be able to let everyone know about your job profile and that you are searching for a job in the telecommunications sector. Tell your neighbors, relatives, and friends. You can also tell other people who cross eyes with you on a regular basis. You can tell others to let the word spread so that some or the other way you can reach the eyes and get noticed by the employer or you can visit the employment agencies to ask for jobs in your industry. You will be perhaps surprised when someone refers a job to you unexpectedly in circumstances. You should possess the qualities such as hardworking, honest, and stable with one employer.


You can also try out by printing the flyers that are looks wise professional. You should highlight your skills and previous experience if any in those flyers so that the people and your potential employers can get an overview of your academic and professional background. Leave flyers at the telecommunications equipment stores that are run locally in your area. They can recommend about you to their clients who come at their stores seeking the sales of their products. It is very understandable that you should not be too narrowed down in your search for a profile. You should be flexible in line of work, schedule of work, number of days working, vacation, the domain in etc. Start doing small jobs in telecommunications and do them well. The jobs will get bigger as you gain more experience in the field of telecommunications. Charge what you are capable of charging. If you charge too less, people will be skeptical that you might have some glitch in your work to be done. You should keep a fee that gives you a positive response of 80 per cent of the jobs while due to the salary issues; you get rejection from the rest of the 20 per cent. This will determine your skills and true market value.

Set of skills acquired

Try to get more knowledge on the various aspects of the telecommunications business. Try acquiring some knowledge about the various fields like human resource, telecommunications engineering and also the issues related to the project management. This will keep you up to date with the telecommunications industry. If you have some money to be spared, then upgrade your skills set by enrolling into a part time courses providing you practical knowledge or any diploma related to the telecommunications sector. Get enough skills so that you are worth it to put it and mention those skills in your resume.


Join the various service organizations like IEEE that are related to the telecommunications business. Make new friends develop networking. You have to renew your connections with people in the telecommunications industry. They can recommend about you to their employers who come at their stores seeking the sales of SIM cards. It is very understand that you should not be too specific in your search for a profile in the telecommunications domain. You should be flexible in terms of line of work, schedule of work, number of days working, vacation, the domain that you are allotted work in etc.

The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web or the internet is the best tool for networking. You can start your own blog that is based on the telecommunications sector. You can also forward your resume to the job search sites like monster.com. You have to print out the business cards for you which are perhaps the best tools of marketing in telecommunications. You have to hand out at least 2-3 business cards to a person who is relevant and can find you work in the telecommunications sector.

Search in other places of interest

You should be flexible in terms of location based and your area of interest in telecommunications. You should be willing to work anywhere in the country where you live in. It is even better if you have flexibility such that you can work even outside your home country to other countries. There is a potential to earn a lot by being flexible in terms of work and ready to work in any specific timings to be done. You have to understand that there may be a huge demand and requirement in the states and countries that are away from your place. Consider migrating and establishing your good career in the telecommunications business.

Thus in this article, we have seen the various aspects of working in the telecommunications sector.

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