How To Choose A Good Mobile Phone Model For Personal Use?

How to select and buy a good mobile phone?

You need to ask yourself few questions before selecting a mobile phone to buy.

1) What is the price range you need?
2) Do you need touch screen or buttons are ok?
3) Do you also need internet and Wi Fi in your mobile phone?
4) Do you need Dual SIM or single SIM is ok?
5) Whether you also need high capacity camera in your phone?
6) Do you need phone with longer battery life or normal battery life is ok?
7) Whether you need GSM or CDMA technology in your phone?
8) What operating system you need in the phone?
9) Whether you need 3G or 2G technology is ok?
10) Bluetooth wireless technology should be there in your phone or not?
11) What dimensions you need for your phone?
12) Do you need memory card along with phone or want to buy separately?
13) Your interest is only in a particular brand or it could be any mobile phone brand?
14) How much memory you need in your phone?
15) Whether you need messaging features like MMS or SMS?
16) If you need social network interaction features like facebook, twitter etc or not?

So you see there are so many features a mobile phone can have. It will totally depend on what features you need and accordingly decide which mobile phone will be better for you. Most advanced mobile phones (any brand) mostly have all these features but they will be somewhat costly. But mobile phone manufacturing companies are smart enough to meet requirements for any type of mobile phone user. For example, if internet and Wi-Fi is not needed, buy a mobile phone without these features and it will cost you less.

But question is what all these mobile phone features mean to you? If you don't understand all the features like Bluetooth, Wi Fi, 3G, 2G, GSM, CDMA, SIM MMS, SMS etc you cannot make a better decision which phone is better for you. Better know about all these features first. Go here to know >>> Explanation of Various Mobile Phone Features.

If you are in India online shopping sites like infibeam provides good options to select the right kind of mobile phone. After visiting the infibeam mobile section one can choose the features he/she needs on left menu. Select all the features and brand you need and infibeam website will display all those mobile phones (in different brands) which have those features. Same is the case with any other online shopping site you choose to buy your mobile phone in India, UK or USA.

But what if you don?t want to buy online? Still you can select the model you want to purchase (according to what features you need). Say you selected to buy karbonn A9 model which meet all your requirements in terms of features. Since this is a mobile phone in Karbonn brand (an Indian cell phone brand), visit the official website of Karbonn company and find the list of distributors or dealers. Check if any of the dealers is nearby your home. Simply visit them and buy your phone. It?s always good to buy from original dealers of that brand as you get the right price and perfect product with replacement warrantee. And do not forget to check for prices with the dealer and online shopping websites. Sometimes dealers are charging more and you get cheaper online.

If you find prices better there is no problem buying online. Online websites like infibeam, jabong, flipkart etc are trust worthy. Thousands of people buy daily from these websites and get the perfect product in good shape. They also replace if any problem. But 99% of the time you don?t need replacement if bought even online.

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What is supposed to be looked for in a mobile phone? What are the features that I do require? Buying a mobile phone can be simple or very confusing. It all depends upon what do you look for in a mobile phone. It depends upon what do you require the mobile phone for and how much importance you give for a mobile phone for your personal use. Aside from individual preferences of the brand, each manufacturer also has a range of devices made up for different audiences. In this article to follow, to make your next visit to the mall and hence shopping trip easier, we take a look at how phone models of the mobile phones, right from the entertainment-centric devices to a range of smartphones.

Quick tips

IMEI number

Make sure the IMEI number of your phone is in coordination with the IMEI sticker that is placed on the warranty card. IMEI numbers are very unique to the particular device and no two phones that are manufactured have the same number IMEI. They are also commonly used in order to identify stolen devices from the thieves.


Also make it a point to check to see if the bundled accessories along with the warranty card are in place and the former is working properly and according to your needs.


Ask for an official receipt for the purchase of the model of the mobile phone before you leave the store from which you bought your mobile phone.

Keypad check up

Try typing something on the keypad or the QWERTY keyboard of the mobile handset if the handset comes with one of such keyboards. A handset can have innumerable of features features, but if you find it hard for yourself to even punch a few messages, chances are you won't get a good experience out of it when you actually possess the mobile handset as your own.

LCD screen

Power up the mobile phone in order to look for dead pixels if any on the LCD screen. A quick and easy way to do this is to take a picture which has a black background or cover the entire camera lens with the help of your own thumb. Request for a new model of the same make if you spot pixels that are colored or white pixels on the image.

Data plan

Do keep in mind always that if you send emails on a regular basis and surf the World Wide Web frequently on the phone, you'll need to consider a data plan to suit yourself to accommodate the data usage.


Talk plans

Decide what plan should you use or subscribe to for your call and messaging services. There are two types of plans that are available namely: postpaid and prepaid plans. Postpaid are those which involve monthly billing. Prepaid, on the other hand, is the type of plan that involves the "loading" or "recharging" or by the assistance of the call cards that you need to load that particular amount of credit on the phone or line number that has been assigned to your cell phone.

The Internet

Browse the World Wide Web through its various search engines available, read reviews on the forums, and ask other users as to what kind of model is the best phone. By researching and further investigating the kind of mobile phone that you'd want it is only then you'll be able to shortlist with the detailed specifications for in the particular models of the mobile phones Research usually would include details such as the price and the location of the reseller/dealer features and warranty issues and in some cases it includes availability also.

Shopping tips

Shop for your mobile phone at the dealer location. Cell phone models are available from shopping malls, available online, from another person who is willing to sell (hand-me-down types) or also from any dealer who is interested in participating. You have to canvas as to who has the best deal in first place and what are the provided additional accessories that he may be included and the discounted price for which the mobile phone that is sold. Look at the cheaper alternatives to the phone that may be available and that you want.


Let's say that you want the brand new model of a mobile phone. For half the price you can get a similar model or rather a model which has all the features, which is essentially a mobile phone model without the extra features. Before you buy you need to ask yourself if you really need the camera the browser for the web and all the other features that are available with it. It all depends upon what do you look for in a mobile phone. It depends upon what do you require the mobile phone for and how much importance you give for a mobile phone for your personal use.

Thus, in this article, we have seen the steps towards choosing a good mobile phone for personal usage.

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