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The world?s fastest growing telecommunications industry is based in India. India has over 670 million subscribers for telephone and mobile services. In the entire world, it has a second largest network after China. The number of mobile phone subscribers has increased by a factor of one hundred since 2001. It is projected that India is going to have mobile phone subscribers of over one billion by 2013. Indian telecom industry is worth US$ 74.85 billion. This increases each year by 26 per cent. The Indian telecom industry generates employment in bulk and caters over 10 million workers with employment. Telecom means transfer of info between two points that are away from each other. In the article to follow, we shall discuss the various aspects of the Indian telecom industry and we shall get an overview of the largest companies in the telecom sector operative in India.

Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is a company which is the largest player in India?s telecom sector. It offers telecommunication services to over 19 countries. It is the largest service provider in India when it comes to the cellular services. It caters more than 140 million subscriber bases. Its subscriber base being more than 180 million, it is the third largest single country mobile operator in the world and the fifth largest mobile phone operator in the world. It offers mobile phones services, landline or the fixed line services, satellite services for TV and the internet broadband services. It is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal. It has met the standards for customer satisfaction that was set up by Cisco. It has earned Gold Certification. It is operative over 96 cities in India alone. It is a carrier for national as well as long distance routing of phone calls. It has underground optic fiber cables which connect the south Indian city of Chennai and Singapore. The network of Bharti Airtel is maintained by Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks. Its business support is derived from IBM. It offers mobile phone services to the various countries in the Indian Subcontinent and Africa. In India alone, it has a share of 30.7% share in the wireless services domain.

Reliance Communications

It is formerly known as Reliance Infocomm. It was founded by Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani. It is a public sector industry in telecommunications, operative in India with headquarters in Navi Mumbai suburb of the Indian city of Mumbai. It is present only in India and the chairman of Reliance Communications is Mr. Anil Ambani. The various products that are offered by Reliance Communications are Wireless services, phone service, internet services, television, and data cards and recharge vouchers. The revenue of Reliance Communications is around 5 billion US dollars and an operating income of US $ 2.02 billion. It is an integrated telecommunications service provider. It caters a customer base of 105 million. This includes the 2.5 million overseas customers on a retail basis. It is present among top 5 largest Indian telecommunications companies in the world by the number of customers that are present in a single country. A subsidiary of Reliance Communications called as the Reliance Globalcom owns the world?s largest private cable system that is constructed under the sea. The spanning of such cable system is 65000 km in length.

Idea Cellular

It is based in Mumbai and is a wireless telephony company. It operates in all the 22 circles in India. It is the third largest GSM Company in India in telecommunications. It is public company which is headquartered in Mumbai. The name of the person in the chair is Kumar Mangalam Birla. It caters the Indian market in only the mobile phone services. It enjoys revenue of US $ 2.7 billion and an operating income of over US $ 320 million. In 2010, its net income was calculated to be US $ 207 million. Its parent is a business group operative in India called as the Aditya Birla Group. The outlets of the Idea cellular in India are operative under the business name of ?my Idea?. The company is amongst the first in India which came up with the convenience to it prepaid customers to opt for flexible tariff plans. It offers GPRS services in the major cities of India. It won the award for best customer service and billing in 2 consecutive years.

Tata communications

Tata communications is a leading provider for global communications for long distance communications. The global networks of the Tata communications group include one of the most advanced cable stems that are also on a large scale. It has a connectivity of over 200 countries. It also enjoys nearly one million square feet of data center. It also has a colocation space worldwide. It is the largest provider in services related to the data center. Its highest data center is based in Pune, one of the important cities in India. It was founded in 1986. Upon its foundation it was called as VSNL. In the year 2008, it was acquired by the Tata group and is renamed as Tata Communications.

Thus in this article, we have had an overview of all the major players in the telecommunications industry in India.

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