How To Get A Construction Business Licence?


It is necessary that any business is operated with a relevant license. The license is a document which states that the business is free to operate in a specific industry. A license is a proof of permit and obligation that is issued from the local city council, state government or the federal government. It states that the business which is given the license has all the necessary resources and has fulfilled the requirements by law to operate in the given industry. A license is the one that protects a business from all the legal issues and give it a right to operate under certain terms and conditions. A license, although is a freedom to operate a business comes with certain rules and codes of conduct that are to be followed closely. In the article to follow, we shall discuss about how to go about acquiring a license to conduct business in the construction sector.

House plan

A house plan is a blue print of the details of how the house is going to be built. It contains the exact dimensions which includes the position of walls, beams, pillars, drainage pipes and also sometimes the electrical wires sealing inside the walls. It is prepared by an architect who is in charge of designing the house. A house plan contains almost all the information to build a model of the house according to the scaled dimensions and hence can be viewed upon as a 2D replica of the actual structure that is being built. In order to acquire a license for constructing, you should obtain several copies of a house plan from an architect. These copies are to be obtained from an architect. Insist on the fact that the architect should put his seal over the house plan before issuing it to you. It regulates the authenticity requirements of the house plan. Then the house plan obtained in this way should be submitted to the municipality. If you are constructing a building as an addition, consider drawing a plan an additional plan of the house or change the house.

Building permit application

A building permit application is an application which states that under law, you are allowed to construct a structure on a given construction site. Many builders acquire land illegally and hence their construction on these pieces of real estate is not approved under the law. If a building is built on a land that is acquired illegally then it is broken down as and when required which causes a loss of lot of money of the individuals, builders, construction workers, and also a lot of debris is generated from the broken down buildings. Hence it is taken care with a help of a permit that the building is built on a land that is acquired or rather purchased on legal terms and conditions and is accountable in the eyes of the law. A building permit application like this is obtained from government offices from the municipal department building. Yu have to fill out the main section of the application. Also, all the mandatory and necessary requirements should be fulfilled before completing the application. All the papers need to be attached in order to support the information that is provided in the permit application. If necessary, the documents attached are subject to verification by the body which grants the permit. Sometimes, the permit application requires the supported documents to be attested and attached by the advocate of the local court.

The permit application has various sections. These are related to land details, construction site details, workers? details, architect details and your own details, the details of the plumber and the electrical contractor whom you hire to do the job etc. The relevant details must be filled in each of the details. Hence the building permit application goes through a several stages and through several people who fill out their details.

Submission of the application

Once the application is duly filled without leaving/ hiding any details that are relevant to the construction site, the materials used and the various categories of the workers that are involved in the construction projects, it is to be supported by the duly attested documents and submitted to the municipality. There is also a relevant fee that is applicable for the assessing of the genuineness of the documents and the application then goes through a various stages before it is approved by the government and no objection certificate is issued.

Other documents

There may also be some other documents that need to be attached in support to the permit application. These documents are related to the drainage systems, electrical wiring, concealed beams, septic tanks and design etc. Also, the builder must submit various documents to ensure that he is a citizen of the country that he is building the construction structure upon. In case of companies, it is to be proved as a corporate citizen. This is supported by passport copies of the same.

Thus, in this article, we have explored the various procedures that are to be followed in order to get a construction business license.

How to get business license in India

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