What To Sell In Building Materials Business?


A construction business is started with a view to gain huge amount of profits. But the investment which is to be put into such a business is significant as compared to any other business. There is a list of raw materials to be purchased and to be kept in storage for further use. The nature of the raw materials is volatile and there is always a risk of the raw materials being subjected to the deterioration due to the weather and the climatic conditions. The goods which are purchased for building materials should be kept in a storage place with lots of care and preservation. There is also a great risk involved in the raw materials being subject to damage from the unwanted guests like the animals, insects and rodents. In the article to follow, we shall discuss the various aspects involved in selling the building materials to the construction industry.


Cement is one of the major numbers of materials that needs to be sold to the construction industry. These days, most of the apartments and the individual houses that are being built are made up of cement in major proportions. The cement is a volatile material when it comes to moisture. Moisture ruins cement. When there is a contact of moisture to the cement, the cement hardens up leaving it useless for the construction purposes. If cement is hardened, then there are a lot of processes to be followed in order to get it to the desired thickness and use it for building purposes. Cement should be stored in a place that is free of moisture and leaking of cement should be prevented by sealing and packing it tightly. For the same reason, cement is packed in jute or gunny bags. These days, packed cement comes in sealed plastic bags which are to be opened for one time usage.

Iron Bars

Iron bars form the backbone of any civil engineering structure. Iron rods are to be built as a framework of any structure that is to be built. Iron rods form the trusses that are used in building of bridges, buildings etc. Iron rods are subject to rusting from water and moisture. When moisture comes in contact with iron, it rusts the surface and makes it weak rendering it useless for construction. Hence iron rods are coated with several layers of anti-oxidants. Iron bars, once purchased, if delayed construction happens, must be purchased again because the existing iron rods are useless because of oxidation. Hence they should be carefully purchased preferably not in advance.

Wooden ply

Wooden ply or plywood takes it importance when it comes to construction of doors and windows. Wooden materials are available in the form of soft and hardwood. Soft wood is subject to an easy cutting from the tools which are used in carpentry. Hard wood is mostly used in the construction of doors and windows so that it provides enough security from the intruders. Wooden ply is used in the construction of tables, cupboards and the built in robes. Wooden articles are subject to molds and deterioration because of insects. It is important to remember that the wooden materials are naturally available and subject to decaying. Hence they are always polished with relevant chemicals when it comes to construction. Polishing also improves the look of the wooden surface. Thus wooden materials is also the major and important goods to be sold in building materials.


Tar is to be sold to the businesses which have undertaken the large scale production of roads and small streets. Jelly stones are laid on to the surface of the earth and they are covered with cement. But the entire mixture is loosely packed and hence subject to misalignment due to force and pressure. Hence such a structure is coated with huge amount of tar. Tar helps in binding of the jelly stones and cement due to its sticky nature.

Road rollers

Road rollers are to be sold to projects where road constriction is involved. Once tar is applies, there is a requirement of flattening the surface to make it smooth. Road rollers press the surface making it smooth.

Trucks and mixing equipment

Trucks are to be sold in general to any construction business. Trucks are required for transportation and also mixing of cement and other materials in desired proportions. Trucks are equipped with several mechanisms that are used for some or the other aspect of construction.


Bricks are to be sold for constructions of walls. Wall is made up of bricks layered one on to another. Between two bricks a proportion of cement is applied which acts as a glue. Bricks are flat in nature and can be cut to any desired shape.

Electrical wires

They are used for connecting various switches to the relevant sockets and to the various appliances.

Toilet accessories

They are made of porcelain mostly and are used for the construction of toilets and bathrooms.


They fulfill the plumbing requirement letting the flow of water in any construction site.

Thus, in this article, we have highlighted the major building materials that are to be sold to the construction businesses.

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