How To Become An Architect And Getting Started With Architect Business


You have to gain some experience in becoming an architect and then start with a business in architecture. You can start a business in architecture from your home. Thus you can provide your services in architecture to your clients who can be the firms as well as the individuals. In the article to follow, we shall discuss the various aspects of being architecture and starting your own business in the architecture. Remember that an architecture business, although has a great potential has some risks involved in it too.

How to become an architect?

What is architecture? Is it for you?

You should understand that architecture business is a difficult one to pursue. This is because it includes five years of attending college courses. In these five years, you might have to deal with the failures repeatedly. You have to deal with constant pressure because of the deadlines and very less time to work before the deadline. You need to be passionate in facing the competition and the new challenges.


You need to get hired by an architecture firm in order to absorb the knowledge and the exposure which will give you an experience. You might end up doing the tasks such as filing the reports and generation of invoices etc. but look at the amount of experience you will derive in the same field. As a want to be professional, it is your duty to learn things from the resources that are available at your disposal. Working in an architecture firm will also give you an idea if the field of architecture is the right kind of field for you to work in.


Enroll at a local college and take up classes for various designs related fields. Sit in the lectures and try to figure out the practical application of the theory being taught in the real world business of architecture. Classes in freehand drawing and 3D computer graphics will give you an idea about how the designs are rolled out and implemented. It is important to get an academic degree in the field of architecture. Enroll for a course in Bachelor or even Masters of Architecture. If you need to climb up the hierarchy in an industry, it is necessary that you have a college or a university degree in the related fields. You can also enroll in a co-op work school where you work in the day time and study in the night college for the rest of the time.


You need to get a license. Take an exam in registering yourself as an architect. It is the last step in becoming the architect. After licensing, you can work as an architect or even practice architecture on your own.

Architecture business

In the section of this article to follow on from now, we shall discuss the various aspects in starting a business in architecture.


You have to look out for places to rent. A place for you and some place with chairs for your clients will do well. You might also consider an extra place for your designing to be done and the models that are to be drawn on the huge sheets. You need to make you potential clients get acquired with the various pictures that you have worked on before. Put pictures of the same on your office walls. Pick out a name for your business. Look forward to the incorporation of your business or establish as an LLC.

License and Insurances

Obtain any liability insurance, permits and licenses that you might need to operate your business under architecture. Check out with your local office so as to whether you need a license for your business or an inspection perhaps in order to operate your business.


Get any computer equipment that you might need to draw the 3D designs and the sketches of the architectures. You must purchase relevant software that is required to make a 3D design template of your designs.


Make an effort in marketing your business. You need to hand out the business cards with the relevant areas of business that your business covers along with the contact details. Business cards serve as a best marketing tool for your business. Join any association in the architecture domain. This will help you establish contact in the industry of architecture and design and will let know your potential customer base. You have to call up the builder up front to ask them if they can refer some of their associates to your business or perhaps include you in their project which is currently being implemented.

Business website

Design a website with the help of some good web design company so that the people can get information about your work and business that you do. There are millions of people who use the internet as a medium to log on and seek information. Include your contact details and your previous projects in the website.

Thus, in this article, we have seen the various aspects of doing architecture and starting architecture as a business.

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