How To Start A Construction Company?


In order to start your own construction company business, there should be a proper planning that should be involved. Only then the investment that you subject to a lot of risk will be fruitful and the risk would be a venture that is lucrative in the business. There are bound to be construction companies in demand owing to some or the other new kind of construction happening around. Construction company?s business hire laborers those are skilled and they are supposed to provide quality workmanship. You must be detail oriented and must be able to manage both the aspects viz. your business as well as your employees. In the article to follow, we shall have a discussion about how to go about in starting a business construction company.

Business plan

Your business plan should be worked upon and should be written well. Create a business plan that is detailed. You should also state the services that your construction company is going to offer. You should decide in advance as to how will you go about in the marketing strategies of your construction company as well as what are the tools and equipment that is needed by you to purchase for using for construction purposes. A business plan that is well written is bound to expose any gaps that are present in your plan. It is also going to help you with the information that you seek if you wish to apply for loans and require some extent of financing.

Business entity

This is regarding the formation of your business in some form. Consider what will happen if you make your construction company as a limited liability company (LLC). Or you can go for setting up a company business with an entity of limited liability partnership (LLP). This will help you to a great extent to protect your personal assets. You should explore and know the fact that each of the entities has their own pros and cons. It is upon you to explore each of these and pick the best ones which suit your needs. You can consider taking advice from an attorney or an accountant for the same for your business. These are the professionals who can guide you well. You can form your business with whichever entity that you select at office of the Secretary of the State. There is a small fee involved for the same.


Determine as to how you are going to cater your business with the financing needs. You must have the funds that are necessary to purchase the tools, equipment, the raw materials, the salaries of employees etc. It is generally seen that the construction companies business that are started on a small scale are started such that the owners of these companies go for financing options using their own credit or using the credit derived from their personal credit cards. You can also put your own personal savings on the line if you have a business plan that is sure to give you some returns instead of your heavy investments. You can also consider applying for small business loans through the state or the federal Government?s small business administration. You can also approach your local bank for the same matter. Of course a loan involves keeping a security as a mortgage in case the business does not start off well.

Licenses and permits

You have to check with the municipal department or your city hall with the licenses and permits that are required to start off with a construction company. You need to have an up to date contractor license. This license is to be taken seriously because it is under constant check from the government authorities once you start your construction company. You have to keep checks with your city, county and the state in which you operate your construction business about what re the necessary requirements to operate your construction business. There may also be a requirement to fulfill certain specific licensing requirements depending upon the construction work that you include in your business as well as the region in which you operate your business.

Equipment and tools

You need to either purchase or go for leasing the equipment and the tools that are required to run your business in the construction sector. Depending upon the services that you plan to offer to the clients, you need to purchase the construction tools and equipment for construction business. You also need to consider leasing a small office where you can set up meetings and appointments with your clients.


Getting insured is a mandatory requirement in the construction business. The various types of insurances that are required by a construction business are bonding insurance, insurance against general liability, auto insurance and the compensation that is supposed to be given to the workers. You need to contact a local insurance agent for any insurance requirements for your construction business. The local insurance agent will brief you on various insurance policies covering a lot of aspects of your business. You need to select a suitable number of policies from the same.

Thus, in this article we have seen the requirements in order to start a business in construction sector.

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