How To Start Pool Cleaning Business?


Not many houses have swimming pools. Only the luxurious houses can afford to have a swimming pool. Obviously, these luxurious houses have a lot of money to spend and maintain their houses and related surroundings. The people who own these kinds of houses do not mind paying a few extra bucks for cleaning their pools owing to the show added to the front of the house by a large and particularly clean swimming pool. Hence it is a nice idea to start a business that deals with the cleaning of swimming pools if you do not mind being in such a business. A pool cleaning business is the one of the few businesses which does not require a huge capital to be invested. In the article to follow, we shall discuss about getting started with a pool cleaning business.


Every business needs some form of license in order to operate. Find out what kinds of license do you need in order to get started with a business dealing with cleaning of pools. You can visit your local city hall or a municipality office in order to get information on the licenses. A license will give you protection on a legal basis. It will also fetch you bag large amounts of discounts on the purchase of goods on a wholesale basis. Also, the customers prefer to give their business to the pool cleaning services which operate on the basis of a license legally.

Tools/ materials

You need to make a purchase of the tools and equipment that you need in order for your business to operate. This can be anything and everything that you need in order to clean the pool of your customers and service it. A pool skimmer, chemicals along with the required testing kit etc. are some of the essentials that you need to have. You need a large vehicle which has space enough to carry all your machinery and tools if any. You can buy a small truck, or just drive away around with a station wagon.

Business cards

Keep your business cards ready at hand. This is an excellent marketing tool you can have in order to let other people know about the existence of your business and what is there in your business to offer the customers. Similarly, keep at hand, the invoices and the forms on which business contracts are signed. One tip, make these items at home rather than going for any local office supply store. When you make at home, you will be able to make it in a more personalized way and that too at a much cheaper price. Include a calendar in your essentials because it will be useful to keep a track of various appointments for your business. Thus a business card is used to get more appointments, invoices are used to generate bills, and contracts are required to bind your services legally.

Hiring of employees

It is a good idea to hire your employees by giving ads in local classified magazines. Perhaps a word of mouth or mouth to mouth reference for working works well too. Ask your friends and relatives about your requirements and tell them if they have some person who they think is capable of adjusting to the requirements. Ask around if someone is looking for jobs in the cleaning sector, especially in cleaning the pools. Set your minimum criteria when you look for potential employees around. This will prevent unnecessary applicants from applying for jobs. You can also take help of employment agencies for that. You can decide to increment the number of employees in your business progressively. Start with a small number of employees and keep on increasing the number of employees when you expand your business.


Put advertisements of your pool cleaning business wherever possible. You can print out pamphlets which can be printed for a cheap price at a local printer shop. The price per pamphlet is reduced to very cheap price especially when you order in bulk. Hand out the pamphlets to the people who are returning home from office. Perhaps you can make your advertising team to distribute pamphlets at a train station, market or a bus stop. That is where you can find a mass of people and you get a crowd who is returning home. You can also distribute your pamphlets visiting individual apartments or it is even better to include those pamphlets inside a local newspaper and distribute them. Check out with the local real estate agents and the property managers to see if you can get a list of houses locally that have swimming pools outside their properties and they may be in need of your pool cleaning business. It is a good idea to set up a deal with the property managers and provide money to those managers on a commission basis in case he is able to increase your orders and fetch you some inflow of cash for your business.

Thus, in this article we have explored the various facets of the services related to cleaning of a swimming pool, be it public or a private one and discussed about the business of the same.

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