How To Start A Janitorial Cleaning Service Business?


A janitorial business is not that interesting and certainly does not contain any humor or glamour. It is very monotonous and mundane to work in a business like janitorial cleaning. Nevertheless a janitorial service business is quite a lucrative one and it is the kind of business where the business owners do mind to take risk since they believe in themselves that they can manipulate the situations to get the best out of the business. It is the kind of business where you might have an attitude towards life to strive and work hard in order to achieve your goals. In the article to follow, we shall discuss the various aspects of janitorial service business and explore the checklist you need to take care of before you start with your own janitorial service business.

Be prepared

For starting a janitorial service business, you yourself should have an attitude towards cleanliness. You should love to keep things shining and ?spic and span?. The maid services are such that they are employed towards the cleaning of households on a typical of their days. In contrast to this, the janitorial service businesses take contracts such that they have to clean the commercial, more typically high rise buildings like the buildings related to the hospitals, schools, colleges, and other related businesses. Even the parking lots come under the areas which are covered under janitorial service. It is obvious that your business hours will be when the business hours of the other offices which serve as your client base begin. Hence it will begin the moment the staff in the offices pop into the office and will over when the office timings of these offices end. It is also possible to look for the scope of growth and expansion in janitorial service business like any other business. You can perhaps extend your janitorial service business in areas of business like window cleaning, floor cleaning, garden cleaning etc. Perhaps you can also orient your business in the direction of the pest control owning to the experience that your employees have with the chemicals and the odors.

Industry outlook

The cleaning industry is evident in witnessing the fact that the janitorial service business has shown a remarkable growth in the last few years. A common trend seen in cleaning services is such that the corporate usually prefer to outsource the cleaning business owing to the professionals those are involved in the cleaning business. There is a patter seen that is the high turnover of the employees of this type of business. The janitorial service business is definitely benefited by the downsizing in the corporate world. This is because of the nature of the work that is seen in the janitorial service businesses. It is a fact that very few and practically none are the people who think that sweeping with a broom for the rest of their lives is exactly a good option. This is not a career option that everyone thinks of right from childhood while planning.

Pay heed to characteristics of janitorial service business

o It is evident from the market research that no company dealing with the janitorial service business can dominate and create a monopoly in the industry. There are thousands of contractors in the same line of business.

o Since it is a kind of business where there may not be knowledge in particular about any domain, it forms an ease of entry.

o There is intense competition involved. This leads to holding down of the prices of the contract.

o Cleaning worker needs to be provided with low wages. This leads to a high turnover.

Strategies for starting up

o Start your business on a small scale and keep the things as simple as possible.
o Do not go for expansion so much that you are out of your limits. Know your limits well.
o Set up a plan for maintaining accounts
o It is very important to perform action according to the customer requirements. Employ staff which is able to understand the same.
o Make an estimate of the capital that is necessary to set up a janitorial service business. Taking into consideration various costs for machines, employee payment, fuel charges, etc. and then set up on a scale that suits you.
o Keep with yourself an enough working capital which is just enough for you to survive in the industry for a certain duration of time before you start getting regular income.
o Invest properly in marketing. Advertise such that it suits your scale of business and also your needs of making people (who are your potential customers) aware about the existence of your business.
o You have to decide and register a name for your business. Registration of your business is to be done in a city hall or a municipality. Acquire appropriate licenses in order to avoid problems in the future regarding handling of various chemicals and substance which may prove hazardous to the human health.

In this way, we have explored the various aspects of janitorial service business and we have seen what all are the steps need to be taken to start your own business.

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