How To Start Floor Cleaning Business?


In today?s world, there are a lot of households in which all the grown up family members are working. These days, there is a need of someone to take care of your house, because you just can?t find time to do it yourself. A business which deals with cleaning of floors is the one which provides the homeowners or the homemakers with janitorial and maintenance services for the floors. There are a lot of aspects of a floor cleaning service like cleaning the floors, then there are hardwood floors or tile/ ceramic/ marble floors which need waxing and buffing. It is true that the floor cleaning business is in lot of demand. But there are many competitors in the market to. In the article to follow, we are going to discuss about the several things that can be done to make your floor cleaning service business stand out amongst others. It is possible for you?re to run a successful floor cleaning business if you follow certain basic principles in the fields of marketing and management.

Learn and learn more

There are a plenty of opportunities for learning which you have to grab at the right time in your business profile growth. You have to educate yourself on the various advances in technology and techniques that are commercially available in the market. You need to offer your customers with a quality of service to grow your business in case you want to expand your business. You have to attend the trade shows in order to get a knowledge and understanding of the latest products and machines that are available and can be used commercially by a floor cleaning service business.


Advertise your floor cleaning service business well. One way to illustrate that you can write well about your own business is by writing articles about the subject. There are local newspapers that are constantly looking for fresh topics or perhaps new writers in the field. It is a good idea to set up a column dedicated to floor cleaning service only. It is also a kind of adverting to include ?how-to? articles on the website of your floor cleaning service business. In this way, there are people who read the news papers can easily find out about your business and avail your floor cleaning service if they like your persona of writing and get convinced about your services.

Customer service

The kind of customer service that you need to offer is to be good so that your customers feel that their time, sentiments and money are being valued for. You have to be promising in providing the best quality service available in the market. The key is to create goodwill right at the start. If a name fails to improvise right from the beginning, then it will never improve business from there onwards. Ask your service staff to attend the service appointments on time.


Promoting your business and letting your potential customers know about your business?s existence is very important. Brief them on what kind of floor cleaning services your business has to offer. It is a good idea to place an ad in the yellow pages. Perhaps it is an expensive option at the start, but a lucrative one too. This is because your potential customers won?t have recommendations for the kind of floor cleaning service you provide. It is not a common business and perhaps when you make your potential customers aware of your business, then they can go for availing your services. You can also advertise by placing ads in the local news papers especially in the home section of these published materials. You can also go for promotional marketing. You can go to a customer?s house and offer him free clean or buffing services. If the customers find your floor cleaning service satisfactory, take it for granted that he will avail your service for the next time or else he will at least refer to the people who want to avail floor cleaning service. Let the people know about what is to be expected when there is a call for service. It is a good marketing strategy to offer discounts on availing of two or more or rather bulk services.

Machines and tools

You need to update your knowledge on what are the newly launched products and what are the advancements made in technology related to the development of floor cleaning. To maintain your budget, strike a balance between the amounts of money to be invested in the machinery that you need to buy for floor cleaning service and also what are your competitors offering their customers in terms of technology. Make a survey and you shall get an idea of what to buy and what not to.

Free gifts goodwill

Maintain goodwill in the market by giving away free gifts. Perhaps, you can hand away free door mats. It does not always hurt to give away stuff for free.

Thus we have discussed in this article about the various things to be done when you start your floor cleaning service business.

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