How To Earn Profit In Home And Garden Cleaning Business?


In the competitive world of today, most of the people are busy with the work. They are out of the house working in their offices for long hours. There is a lot of work to be done by their professionals at their respective workplaces. This makes them take less take less amount of time for their own homes and not pay much attention to cleaning their home. Also, these professionals and businessmen who are busy, have their own spacious garden. Needless to say that these people cannot find time to maintain their garden irrespective of how much these people are willing to work for the same. In such a world of today, starting a business in home and garden cleaning services can be quite lucrative. The kind of people mentioned above actually hunt for home and garden cleaning services and pay them hefty amounts in return. In this article to follow, we are going to learn about how to earn more profit by starting a home and garden cleaning business.

House types

First and very foremost, you have to think of the areas where your home and garden cleaning services can bud and bloom. Just think about the locations in the nearby areas which have the kind of houses and commercial properties that you are looking forward for your business. Target the homes which are quite spacious and have a lot of luxury. In these kinds of houses, provided that you provide a quick, prompt and good service, these kinds of houses will fetch you more amount of money for your services. These kinds of homes which are quite luxurious and the residents are quite well off to do with money, can pay you the price that you quote and can afford it to pay it more often thus motivating to continue your home and garden cleaning services. Also, large houses and gardens mean more area to be mended by your employees which ultimately means more amount of cash flow for your business.

Property managers

It is also a good idea to get in touch with the property managers. In this way, you can get an idea of a home or a small garden that has been recently developed in your area. You can target these houses to approach them for the first time they ever meet any home and garden cleaning services professionals like you. You can brief the new entrants in the area about your home and garden cleaning services and the offers you can avail for them for them to become your first business. If the property manager with whom you can get in touch is good and he finds the time to actually market your business to the new entrants, then your business can boom from then on.


Decide on what price are you going to charge your customers for your home and garden cleaning services. Some type of businesses charge by the hour, just check out what is average charged per home or garden on a nationwide basis. Usually the home and garden cleaning services offered is such that the price charged for households in small towns and rural areas is far less as compared to the cities. Take a price survey of other businesses which offer home and garden cleaning service.

Some business charge money according to the size of the carpet area for households. While some businesses charge according to the land area in case of gardens. You have to keep in mind that not all the land area of a garden or every corner of a house need the same effort to be put in order to clean them. Hence you should be flexible in terms of bargaining and setting for a little lesser price. After all, you can derive more profit anyways since you are getting a business instead of sitting idle and not being flexible.

One tip is too being followed here. Do not charge too less amount of money for providing home and garden cleaning services. Your price range should be such that your 80-85% bids should be converted into deals of business. If 100% of your bids are getting converted into deals, that means you are charging too low of a price and hence you are at loss. Thus you see, it defeats the purpose of earning more profit.


The appearance of a business owner and his employees matters a lot in any business. Keep yourself clean and tidy. This will create a good impression on your clients. Make your employees follow a dress code which has a logo of your company for advertisement purposes. This will avail you some free advertising for which otherwise you have to pay. This will save you a lot of money.

It is not that making profit in a home and garden cleaning service is very difficult, all you have to do is manage your resources carefully and make some very wise decisions in order to get more business from your customers.

Thus in this article, we have explored various areas through which you can earn more profit in your home and garden cleaning service business.

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