How To Start With Vehicle Cleaning Business?


In these times of recession hit economies, all of us, who want to start off their own businesses, are looking forward to invest as small amount as possible. All of the business owners want to start their business with very low startup costs. Then perhaps, most of the business owners should give a second thought towards vehicle cleaning business. This is because, as opposed to other businesses, vehicle cleaning businesses have very low startup costs. Not only this, but also, these businesses offering car cleaning services are most likely to be very profitable and return very high gains when implemented with a proper plan of action and some good management decisions. In the article to follow, we shall have a look at the various aspects of starting up a vehicle cleaning business and what are the steps to be takes to start your business which deals in vehicle cleaning services.

Know the vehicle

No matter what make, manufacturer, model or type of vehicle it is, you should know the vehicle in and out. If you pay close attention, you shall see that the basics of repairing of every model, old or new, or rather every type of vehicle is almost the same. What differs from vehicle to vehicle is the parts used which is specific to the manufacturers. The basic working of these parts mentioned above is the same, whereas the manufacturers only make them different from one model to another is because in order to increase the sales of these parts. Once you know the basic working of any vehicle, it is easy to comprehend and troubleshoot the issues faced by the vehicles in terms of assembling and disassembling for cleaning purposes. Remember that washing a vehicle does not only refer to rinsing the vehicle thoroughly with soap and water, but it also involves the maintenance and assembling, disassembling and repairing (to some extent only) of the vehicle.

Determine the location of your vehicle washing establishment

You need to find a suitable location for your vehicle washing business to be established. You need to decide where you shall go ahead with raising a platform for vehicle washing. You need to decide whether you will build upon a business plan which involves the customer driving the vehicle at your cleaning center of perhaps you can go to the customers? premises and clean the vehicle for him at his location. Thus, you have to maintain a right balance of the real estate cost involved versus the amount of money to be invested in your own vehicle and the fuel expenses for it. Depending upon the location of your vehicle cleaning business and the location of your customers base, the fuel and the real cost will come to a balance and you need to optimize the same.

Experience and establishment of market value

You need to gain experience in washing vehicles. Perhaps you can consider washing the vehicles of your acquaintances. These acquaintances can be your friends, colleagues or even your relatives. You need to convince them that you will disassemble the vehicle to an extent that you are sure that you can fix it back. Then wash the vehicle for free and gain a good reputation. This will be a great mark on your learning curve. If they are satisfied with the job that you have done on their vehicle, you can tell them to spread the word. Then you can advertise your vehicle cleaning business on a word of mouth basis. Mouth to mouth publicity works very well and can work wonders if you prove that you can provide a good service. In this way, you can let the quality of your vehicle cleaning work speak for itself.


Every business that is started needs to have some scale or level of advertising and in this case, a vehicle cleaning business in no exception. Without advertising you cannot let the potential customers know about your vehicle cleaning business. The existence of your business is taken to a whole new level through advertising. There are various ways to advertise your vehicle cleaning business. You can spray paint your own car that you take for vehicle cleaning purposes. You have to specify the name of your business, its location and the contact info in a catchy, but a clear way. A catchy logo that is related to your line of business should do well.


Every business will look forward to more profit as time progress. Vehicle cleaning business can also be taken on the same lines of interests. You can consider expansion of your business through the offering of various services that were not offered by you before. You can become an expert on fixing up even the smallest of the dents and scratches. In this way, you can improve the overall look of a car. It shall be treated as a complete service.

Thus, in this article we have listed the various things that you might consider doing before you start up a vehicle cleaning business.

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