How To Start Dry Cleaning Business?


You can start off a dry cleaning business on a very small scale, but you should constantly try to grow it since it has a great scope for growth and expansion. This comes from the fact that almost the entire of the neighborhood is in in search of some good dry cleaning business which makes it ideal to become an entrepreneur in the dry cleaning business. A dry cleaning service perhaps can also be extended to the laundry services. But it is not necessary that all the laundry services have dry cleaning. In the article to follow, we shall discuss the various aspects of starting the dry cleaning business.

Work in the cleaning industry

You need to first acquire a lot of knowledge about dry cleaning since it is not an easy job. The best thing that you can do is to actually acquire knowledge by working in a dry cleaning shop. Work in either of the fields. This involves working either as the cleaner or as the delivery person for dry cleaned clothes. Make you acquainted with the numbering or the color codes for identifying the clothes of the proper household. Then get hands on experience about working in the delivery process of the clothes. The experience gathered in such a way can make it possible for you to get into a position where you have to deal with the suppliers and the drivers of the company which delivers your clothes.

Dry cleaner

You have to gain experience by working in each of the departments of dry cleaning. Spend that extra amount of time in making repairs of the clothes and also what is given to be altered. Learn about the financial aspects of the dry cleaning business once you get promoted up to the managerial position. Experience with dry cleaning operations is a must.

Location for setting up your business

Decide where to set up your business. Take a survey and target key areas. Take down information about the local competitors who are the threat to your business. A dry cleaning market, which is a saturated one, can take away the potential customers from your business. Perhaps, a mall or the shopping center which does not have a dry cleaning service can be good for your business establishment. Find an area which is constantly crowded with people around. A crowded area can attract more customers as it is very convenient to them.

Financial planning

Have a close look at your finance and your financing options. Anticipate the amount of dry cleaning that you are going to handle on a per month basis for the current financial year. If you are building architecture for your dry cleaning business, then consider the cost of construction. These are the plans that will help you and your business a lot when you ask for money from the creditors. You can also seek a loan from the bank or keep property for mortgage if you have a well-defined business plan in place.


It is highly necessary that you check up with the local and the state government for any laws pertaining to the dry cleaning business. Every kind of business has a standard set which is to be met according to the laws that are established by the state government and the federal government. It is very much necessary and by law that you obtain business permits for your business. You have to obtain clearance for all the predefined aspects of your business. The building in which you are operating your business should be given a clearance by a fire inspector. Also, a building inspector will inspect your business for any cracks or damages that may prove fatal for your business or any other businesses that are established in the building.


Every business is nothing without the employees who work for the business. These days, machines and technology has revolutionized the various aspects of a business, but nevertheless, there are several amounts of work which is to be done by the employees that are hired. Obviously, since employees form an essential part of any business, it is mandatory that the selection procedure for the employees hired for your business should be a well-organized one and should render your business to have contribution from the hired employees in a fruitful manner. For the same purpose, you should hire employees who are experienced in the dry cleaning business. The experienced candidates can start off work right from the first day of their work to maximum of a week?s time to be added to their learning curve. On the other hand, a new recruit who is a fresher in the industry should undergo a well-defined and scheduled training procedure. This procedure is costly for your business and also you need to invest a lot of time till the candidate starts producing any throughput for your business. Getting people with experience should be on top of your list as a priority.

Thus, in this article, we have explored various aspects that are to be considered before you start a dry cleaning business.

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