Different Types Of Businesses Involved In Carpet Cleaning Industry


There are various methods for cleaning carpets. The methods those are used in the industry are both- traditional as well as modern. Clean carpets are more appealing to the eye and hence attract the manufacturers and the guests in our households. In this article, we are going to discuss the various kinds of businesses that are involved in cleaning the carpets as well as the different methods that are deployed in cleaning the carpets.

Steam cleaning business

A steam cleaning business provides with services involving hot water extraction. There is an application of a solution which is detergent based. There needs to be given a dwell time in order to detergent to show its effect and remove stains on the carpets. After the steam cleaners provide the appropriate required dwell time, there is an application of pressurized tool which operates either manually or automatically. This tool is like a wand which passed over the surface of the carpet several times. This makes the carpet rinsed and removes any matter which is particulate and containing any residues which cannot be removed by the hand.

Dry cleaning business

This type of business requires the purchase of specialized machines. The technique of dry cleaning is nothing but a technique which involves a ?very low moisture? (VLM) method. This method contains the application of compounds which are hygroscopic in nature. This is complemented by the usage of appropriate cleaning compounds to serve as a complementary solution. These types are businesses are making a huge name and reputation in the market owing to the very less drying time which provides a rapid service to the customer base.

Dry compound usage in carpet cleaning

Dry compounds are highly hygroscopic i.e. it can absorb quite significant amount of moisture. These types of businesses employ men who come to the customers? houses and spread the powder evenly on the carpet surface. This powder can be later on brushed for small households. Large houses can go for vacuuming the carpet surface to remove the powder, filaments of dust and residue along with it. Commercially, the machines that are used for the same purpose include a cylinder with a specially designed brushing system which is based on the counter rotating mechanism without the use of the vacuum cleaner. Machine scrubbing is seen to be more effective one as hand cleaning only removes powder from the top of the carpet.


This type of business deals with a carpet cleaning technique which involves forming of crystals of dirt particles over the carpet which is easy to remove rather than the dirt itself. The cleaning solution is applied with machines like machine which has a rotor and a compression sprayer. This is because the residue which stays dry can be vacuumed easily. These types of businesses boast on improving the quality and appearance of the carpets handled by them to some or the other extent. The technique described above is easy to implement and perhaps the quickest available due to the small amount of time that it takes to clean the carpets by such methods.

Bonnet cleaning business

In this type of carpet cleaning business, a mixture of club soda and the cleaning product is applied on to the surface of the carpet. This is applied as a mist. The mist forms the round buffer which is called as the ?bonnet?. Hence the name is bonnet cleaning. The bonnet thus formed is scrubbed with a machine which performs rotating motion. The bonnet type of cleaning is not exactly like a method of dry cleaning. This is said because the bonnet cleaning method involves time for drying which is significantly high. Bonnet cleaning is not a method which involves thorough cleaning of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning usually addresses only top portion of the carpet which constitutes only one third of the entire surface area of the carpet.

Shampoo cleaning business

This type of business involves application of wet shampoo on the entire surface of the carpet and then thoroughly cleaning it with wet vacuuming. This type of business is not generally preferred to be done since the invent of encapsulation business. Encapsulation business is much promising and has set high standards in the carpet cleaning business. The shampoo which is of wet natured settles well on cloth surface of the carpet and collects dirt quickly and that too on a large scale. Thus the carpet is rendered dirtier faster once this type of business is catered for.

Small carpet cleaning businesses include the following in the carpet cleaning industry:

Vacuuming business

These type of businesses equip their carpet cleaning workers with vacuum cleaners to suck up dirt and dust from the surface of the carpet.

Stain removal business

Formerly, the common carpet stain removals used tea leaves and cut grass. Lemon was used to remove ink stains from carpets. Grease fats from dropped foods are removed with turpentine.

Thus, in this article, we have seen an overview of carpet cleaning and the different types of businesses that are involved in the carpet cleaning industry.

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