Getting Started With Carpet Cleaning Business


There is a huge market for a business like carpet cleaning in countries located in the Europe, Australia and the United States. These are the continents having countries with a lesser population densities. Obviously, the real estate is wide spread and there are private houses which are affordable as opposed to high rise buildings and apartments there in the suburbs of even one of the most famous cites of the world. These houses are furnished with mostly carpet flooring which are very difficult and tiresome to clean by the individuals, other than the professional services dedicated to the same. In this article, we are going to explore the various things that need to be taken into consideration while starting a carpet cleaning business.

Customer base

Determine in advance through a market research survey about how wide spread, huge and the nature of the customer base for your business. The market research can be conducted through your own company as well as you can outsource to a professional company which specializes in market research. Try to locate the geographic region where your customer base is more densely located. This will give you an idea as to where to locate your office so that you can cater these areas frequently.

Franchise/ own business

Opting for franchises is a good option because you can choose from a variety of companies which are well established. This can save you on marketing costs. But take care while choosing a franchise because going for a franchise of a carpet cleaning company can be a very costly option. Once you buy a franchise, you can have their own set of tools and devices for cleaning carpets.

Business license

Any new thing that you want to start, learn and continue it as a business will require some form of license. Carpet cleaning is a well-established business with a well-defined set of clients and customers therein. Hence you need to buy a business license in order to conduct a business for carpet cleaning. Getting a business license for carpet cleaning services is an easy task. Visit a local city hall/ municipality. You have to go to that location and register the name for your business and then pay the fee for that license. Take care to renew your license on expiration.

Startup funding

Every business, which may be big or small, requires some amount of startup costs. Startup costs are the ones which do not give you return on investment immediately but you have to recover the costs involved in the startup on a daily basis after your business is well settled and established in the market. Obviously, there is a problem in the startup financing because you are not sure about the returns of your business. Perhaps you can consider taking a business loan by establishing a good credit history and a business plan for your business in the future as to how it will operate, the mode and duration of operation, the expected income annually, how are you going to divide your income towards the amount that is to be paid for the loan etc. You might also consider investing the amount accumulated in your personal savings. You can also have an option to buy from a variety of business credit cards available in the market.

Equipment for cleaning carpets

You shall need the equipment and the supplies for cleaning the carpets. This may include the carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steamers, water sprinklers, detergents, anti-odorants, gels, white washes, fabric softeners etc. These machines and other supplies will be need in advance before you proceed with conducting your business. You have to understand the market as to where be the distributors located and who can provide you the best deal on these supplies. Perhaps, there is one thing that you should remember, try to buy more things from a same supplier; this will put you in a position to bargain for a cheaper deal. The discounts provided on such items bought in bulk are usually the greatest. This will reduce the burden of your startup costs. You can also consider buying from environmentally products owing to the trend these days of ?going green?.

Cleaning staff

You have to hire crew members for cleaning purposes. You have to select from a range of candidates with varied amount of experience. You can interview them and find out their expertise through a small demonstration if they are willing to give you. You have to hire more helpers as you tend to expand your business. More helpers will be able to bring in more business for you and serve more customers.


You have to choose from a list of various ad agencies like newspaper advertisements, banners on highways, television advertisements, distribution of pamphlets, etc. Carpet cleaning business can attract huge competition. A well-defined market strategy will serve the purpose of advertising. Offer great service to your customers to keep the business going and growing.

Thus, in this article, we have explored the various aspects that are related to carpet cleaning business.

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