What To Consider Before Buying A Gift?

Buying gifts is a tough job, more difficult than selecting your career because deciding between number of careers is a matter of your own choice, if you decide to choose the wrong career you'll be the one who'll be suffering the most and may change your decision in the future. But when it comes to selecting a gift it?s totally change.

There are number of special occasions on which gift giving has now become a tradition and a huge kind of gifts for example cross cultural gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for your spouse, your best friends, gift of chocolates, gift of laughter, valentines gifts, wedding gifts and many more.. But again PLANNING A GIFT such a difficult task to do but keeping the following points in mind would make this job a little bit easy.

Firstly keep in mind that shopping for a gift is fun, mostly if you are too much into this activity. But if you are not of this kind this would be more frustrating for you. The first thing to ease this pain is plan in advance to buy the gift, if you shop at the last moment you may usually run out of money or out of time. So keep a calendar and mark the date two weeks before the birthday so it may reminds you of it.

Before buying a gift there are number of steps you may consider starting from the gender.


Boys and girls have different preferences when it comes to shop for gifts. In fact there's a world of difference between their tastes. Mostly boys prefer sporty stuff, electronic gadgets, toys, and violent things e.t.c. Girls have totally different taste for gifts they prefer girly stuff like dolls, jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics, home d?cor or party stuffs and all. Gifts resemble the personality of others.

Age is another important factor to consider before buying gifts. Preferences vary with the age and gender. You can classify people in different groups younger / toddlers vary between age 2-12, teen ages 13-19, and then the adults above 19. Now their preference for gifts also varies as of their ages. Like the younger ones mostly prefer toys for their gifts this can include a huge variety. Our teenagers on the other hand have totally different and unique choices they are more inclined to electronic gadgets like cellular phones, music players, laptops and so on and on and on. For adults gift giving becomes a more complicated task as their tastes become more choosy and versatile with their mature age.

The easiest way for selecting a gift is when you know others interest. For example if you know that the other person likes a particular brand of clothes, books or even food. The more you know the recipients hobbies and interests the more easily it is for you to select a gift for example some girls like creative things which provides with the opportunity to gift them creative things like paintings, and art related stuffs and all.

Giving such things add a sentimental effect to them, means when the recipient come to know that you kept his/her taste in mind and did an effort for finding it would definitely increase the value of your gift. The mistake some people make over here is that they buy something what they like instead of considering other interest and preferences. Admit it! Even many of you have committed this crime before. Especially if you are trying to shop for someone very special which include your sweethearts, can also be your mother or father, keep their interests in mind and try to focus what they really like. The tough job here is to trace others interest, the question which arises is WHAT THEY REALLY LIKE??? It's very simple; you can track this information out by asking questions during your casual chit chat & you'll get clues about gifts they desire.

Another important infact the most important factor to notice before giving a gift is the occasion or the event on which the gift is to be presented. One should keep the purpose to buy the gift before planning anything. For example a gift for a birthday would be completely different from a gift for a wedding. For example if you present toys to a wedding couple, it would be more like a joke of the century because presenting toys on a wedding doesn?t really make any sense compared to cash or a thing like home appliance.

The last but the most important of all above points is to keep in mind the budget. This is probably the most important constraint of all. Suppose you have decided what to buy after the research you have done on what the recipient like you still can't go for it if you don?t have enough money so keep in mind to check you pockets before going for anything as it restricts your buying decisions. Another solution for it is making a list of different options so that you can go for another option later.

So I think if you follow these points before purchasing a gift, the task would not be that much difficult for you.

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